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Upcoming APRN Opening on Idaho Board of Nursing

Posted about 2 months ago

The current APRN member on the Idaho Board of Nursing (BON), Clayton Sanders, CRNA, will end his term in April 2023.  He is not eligible for re-appointment because he has completed his term limit.

Historically, there has only been 1 ARPN designated member on the Board of Nursing since the board was re-organized in 1998.  The BON has 9 members: 1 APRN, 5 RN, 2 LPN, 1 Public Member.  Before 1998 there were times when a RN member was also a NP, but not since 1998.  The APRN members have been:  Charles Mosely, CRNA (who served as chairman), Randy Hudspeth, NP (who served as chairman) and Clayton Sanders, CRNA.

To be considered for appointment to the APRN position, the candidate must:

1.  Be an Idaho resident.

2.  Have an Idaho license in good standing to practice as a APRN in one of the 4 roles.

3.  Complete the Application for Appointment process. 

Appointments | Office of the Governor (idaho.gov)

untitled (idaho.gov)

Applications are currently being accepted.  For more information contact the BON or the Office of the Governor.


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