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355 of 1707 Idaho NPs have responded by May 2. Please Complete 10 question Idaho NP Workforce Survey--

Posted about 1 month ago by Randall Hudspeth

Dear Colleagues:

I am writing to you asking that you help me some needed data about Nurse Practitioners in Idaho.  I don't want to burden you, but this is important.

Current Issue:  I am on a statewide taskforce that is looking at access barriers to care for Idahoans, both suburban and rural.  The discussion topics range from reimbursement methods, access to care, provider geographic distribution, recruitment of providers and limitations that impact the state-based education programs.  I am continually asked for updated workforce data.  To meet this need I am bringing the biennial workforce report ahead from the fall of even years to June, 2022 (last published in Nov 2020 and available at Idaho biennial Nursing Workforce Report- November 2020 | Idaho Center for Nursing | Nursing Network

I have much data but what I need that is specific to NPs in Idaho is sparse. As an example, I posted a survey monkey tool for RNs to complete for 11 weeks. Out of the 18,650 RNs who are Idaho residents, almost 7,200 responded. 

I talked with NPI and decided to attempt information gathering for 2 things, (1) practice specific data that I need for workforce information, and (2) information on NP engagement with both AANP and NPI and what issues NPs have the could be addressed by the association that would make joining and ongoing membership sustainable to NPs.  MAY WILL BE AN NPI MEMBERSHIP RECRUITMENT MONTH!

PLEASE HELP ME OUT HERE BY ANSWERING THE 10 QUESTIONS ON THE TOOL.  A QR code is posted for smart phone use.  Thanks.

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Many Thanks

Randy Hudspeth, PhD, APRN-CNP, FAANP


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