2020 Workforce Report-Please respond!

Posted 6 months ago by Karin Iuliano

July 24, 2020


To:  NPI Members


From:  Randy Hudspeth, PhD, APRN-CNP

Executive Director, Idaho Center for Nursing


Subject:  2020 Workforce Report


Last week we began the data collection process for the 2020 Idaho Nursing Workforce report, including data specific to Nurse Practitioners.  This is a state required survey that was previously completed by the Idaho Department of Labor, but that responsibility shifted to the Idaho Center for Nursing when we offered a stronger application that we could provide a better product that better presented the many nuances of nursing practice and the different APRN roles; and in 2018 we did.

Why is it important?  In 2021 we want to seek legislative support to have APRN education funded in a more similar manner to physician education.  Many Idaho nurses do not seek and Idaho based education because of costs, scholarships, job responsibilities, etc. If we could offer loan forgiveness, stipends, and sponsorships in the same manner that the state supports physician education, NPs would benefit.

We can safely state that about 2/3 of primary care in Idaho is provided by Nurse Practitioners.  Equally important are the numbers of NPs in specialty practices and those who provide mental health services.    We need strong evidence about the geographic distribution of NPs, and the years of experience they bring to caring for Idahoans, what programs supply NPs to Idaho, and how many current NPs plan to remain in practice for more than 5 years.

Here is what we know about today’s Idaho NP workforce that is a part of the 2020 NP supply report.

  • There are 2024 NPs currently licensed in Idaho, but 624 are not Idaho residents, yielding an Idaho NP resident workforce of 1400. (We will have to wait until NPs respond from border states to see if they reside outside of Idaho, but work in Idaho, such as NPs in Ontario, OR, or in Spokane County, WA who work in north Idaho.)
  • There is a NP in every Idaho county except Camas and Clark counties.
  • The top counties where Idaho NPs live are:
    • Ada=599
    • Kootenai=163
    • Canyon=89
    • Bannock=75
    • Twin Falls=73
    • Nez Perce=44
    • Bonner=40

Please go to this link and answer the 17 questions in the survey.  As of Friday, June 24, 105 NP have responded and the average time to complete the tool was 2 minutes.




Also, as NPI members, who only comprise about 400 of Idaho’s 1400 resident NPs, we can see that we have a great membership opportunity to grow NPI and even more strongly represent NP concerns.