Executive Order No. 2020-13

Posted 7 months ago by Christine Lyle

On Monday, June 22 Governor Little signed another executive order that makes permanent all rules that were waived through an executive order in response to Covid-19.  Therefore, the DME rule will become permanent!  This will still need to go through the rules process and be approved by the legislature, but a great step forward.  NPI believes the diabetic shoe issues can be clarified during the rule promulgation from the Department of Medicaid. 

This will also apply to all the rules that were waived by the Board of Nursing.  According to the executive order, the intent to promulgate all rule changes put in place because of Covid-19 must be submitted by July 24th to the Division of Financial Management.  Our executive board along with our very active legislative committee will continue to advocate for NPs in the State of Idaho and our great nation.  

Thank you for your support!   

The Executive Board of Nurse Practitioners of Idaho


Kristine Theis 2 months ago

Nice job NPI!

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