S1240 - Global Signature Authority Bill

Posted 23 days ago

Dear NPI Members, 

We are excited to announce S1240, NPI's global signature authority bill which will recognize NP signatures in current "physician-only" statutes! 

NPI members will be testifying at the next Senate Health and Welfare Committee meeting on Monday, January 27th at 3 pm. This bill is not meant to expand the scope of practice, nor will it authorize federal issues such as ordering DME or home health. It will authorize NPs to sign for multiple forms including disabled hunting permits, jury duty exemption, out of state prisoner transfers, workers compensation certification, student inhalers and injectables, life insurance documentation, immunization exemptions, and motor vehicles permanently disabled licenses among others.  
The has been sponsored by Senator Souza, an RN from Coeur d’Alene. 
Please contact your representative to inform them of the signature barriers NPs have in this state and support S1240, allowing NPs to practice at the top of their license and education and improve health care to Idahoans. 


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