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Youth Calendar Art Contest


Monday, January 25, 2021 at 6:00pm MT - Wednesday, September 1, 2021 at 9:00pm MT



Youth Calendar Art Contest


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With the onset of 2021, NPI is focusing on ways to involve our youth in talking about their health.  We are happy to announce a youth calendar art contest!

Understanding your body and how it works to stay healthy is something that can be lifelong, especially when learned young. We are committed to supporting this concept. We are going to start with a “Healthy Body, Healthy Mind” calendar. This calendar will start in January 2022 and will feature 18 months of artwork done by the youth of our Idaho communities. We are looking for participation from all regions of Idaho. If you work in a practice with young patients have them draw a picture while they are waiting for their appointment. Once these calendars are complete, they will be printed and available for purchase.

We would also like to feature a few on our social media sites. Each artist chosen for one of the months will win a free calendar and a coloring book about their body.


Please email these to Michelle at


Ideas to generate creativity include favorite healthy activity; favorite fruits or vegetables; things that make them feel healthy; things they like to do to challenge their brain; how they visualize what you, their NP, does. Then take a photo of the picture or scan it and submit it. If you have a story to go with it, let us know and we will try and include that in the description. We will choose these pictures based on concept and color. Attach the artist's first name, their age, and their community.